evo oil

Made in Puglia

Precious and elegant, our Denocciolato EVO Oil differs in the manufacturing process, which follows the traditional cold system, in a continuous cycle, but includes a pitting phase in which the pulp is separated from the stone.

olive oil denocciolato


100% Peranzana.


Polyconic vase.

Harvest Method

Mechanical comb and traditional hand harvesting method.

Milling method

Continuous crusher with stoner: after washing, the olives are pitted, separating the paste from the stone which is recovered whole.

Color, aroma, flavor

Intense gold, with elegant green reflections, fine notes with a delicate, sweet and intense fruity taste, soft on the palate, grassy aftertaste, almond with spicy notes.

designed for your needs

The shaped and laminated Denocciolato EVO Oil label has been designed to bring elegance and refinement to the table. It’s available in two different sizes.

500 ml

250 ml