Our story.

Teanum Predicatella winery, San Severo, Foggia, Apulia.

Teanum was founded in 2000 in San Paolo di Civitate, a small city close to Foggia, Apulia. Our initial idea was to restore a 1970’s winery, whose sole focus was on bulk wine production. However, soon after the start of work we let ourselves be guided by the ambition to make our wines recognizable, so we decided to invest in bottling. For this purpose, we also bought a second winery, located as well in the province of Foggia, but this time in the district Predicatella, the town of San Severo.

Our brand identity is based on Apulian history, from the logo in the Romanesque style with serif typefaces and a pila (the Roman javelin), to the products’ storytelling, up to the names of Teanum wine lines.

The link with the territory is evident also from the Brand’s name, which is inspired from Teanum Apulum, the Roman municipium built on the ruins of Tiati. The latter was the ancient city of San Paolo di Civitate – i.e where our story begins, and that gives the name to our finest line of wines. Tiati’s ancient coins are reported on the labels of our best bottles: Gran Tiati, Metodo Classico and Gold Vintage PDO Reserve.

Today, Teanum wines are present in most of the key markets in the sector, with an annual production of 1.5 million bottles.

Our Apulian heritage.

Teanum Olive Grove in Apulia.

Our two wineries are located on a hilly area, first known as Daunia and then Capitanata: the so-called “head” of Apulia. Set between Molise, Campania and Basilicata, this land is unique in its kind because it is surrounded by two coastal lakes (Lesina and Varano), a promontory (the Gargano), a mountain massif (the Monti Dauni) and a large flat area (the Tavoliere delle Puglie).

In 1968 San Severo was the first Apulian city to obtain the PDO designation. The clayey or clayey-silty territories that characterize the San Severo PDO derive from the dissolution of the rocks emerging from the sea, are rich in potassium and relatively poor in organic matter. The production altitude varies between 90 and 250 meters in height, while the climate is warm, with rainfall in the autumn and winter.

This particular combination of soil and climatic conditions, combined with the wise use of modern oenological practices, allows us to obtain high quality wines.

After a period of aging in barriques of 24 months, 12 months in barrels, 3 months in steel containers and 24 months bottle aging, the result is Tiati Gold Vintage: the only PDO San Severo Reserve on the market.

Our group.

Rosso Gargano, tomato processing company in Foggia, Apulia.

Teanum is part of an inspiring project created to enhance the excellent products that our territory offers. All companies in the group work to guarantee the traceability and the quality of the raw material at every stage of production, personally cultivating, working and transforming their products.

One of these companies is DUE D, an oil mill acquired with the aim of continuing to invest in the territory, highlighting the famous Apulian green gold. The olive oil produced by the mill are called Filo d’Olio and Denocciolato, both precious for health and optimal for the Mediterranean diet. They are 100% Made in Apulian Extra Virgin Oil, Peranzana variety olives.

Did you know that 90% of the Italian long tomato production is concentrated in Apulia, and in particular in the province of Foggia? In this context we founded Rosso Gargano, one of the largest tomato processing factories in the area. Founded in 2008 and led by four farming families, every year Rosso Gargano turns 900,000 quintals of tomatoes into products that are shipped to restaurants and supermarkets all over the world. The formula that allows our company to maintain high quality standards while making large numbers is certainly the short supply chain: the tomato is processed with cutting-edge machinery, within a few hours of harvest (as the plant is adjacent to the cultivated fields).

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